Tex Mex Beef Skillet

Beef strips, kidney beans, bell peppers, onions, celery, and corn mixed with chili seasonings make this a fast one-dish meal. It will include flour tortillas and be packaged in a plastic bag.

Cooking Instructions:

Thaw in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days or until completely thawed. Heat a large skillet over a medium heat and add 1 Tbsp of oil (1/2 T for splits). Add the contents of the beef package. Cook and stir 4-6 minutes, until the beef is browned. Remove the beef from the skillet. Add the contents of the veggie package to the skillet and cook for 2 minutes. Add the contents of the sauce package to the skillet and cook for 3 minutes. Return the beef to the skillet. Cook and stir until heated through. Serve in warm tortillas.

Nutritional Information:

Calories: 270 ~ Fat: 8 g ~ Sat Fat: 1.4 g ~ Cholesterol: 35 mg ~ Carbohydrates: 34 g ~ Sodium: 377 mg ~ Protein: 20 g

Serving Suggestions:

Serve with sour cream and salsa.

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