When you’d rather Give a meal than Make a meal.

Gift Registry: Supporting Friends by Providing Dinners

We all know how helpful it is to provide a dinner to family or friends after a birth, illness, or surgery. Making and delivering the meal yourself isn’t always possible – maybe you live out of state, or maybe you’re just busy with work, kids and life! Alaska Dinner Factory has been serving pre-assembled dinners to overwhelmed families since 2006.

Alaska Dinner Factory Gift Registry

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Know a friend having a baby or going through a difficult time? We can deliver easy, pre-assembled dinners on your behalf.

Simply choose meals from our To-Go Freezer and select the Delivery option. Remember to leave a note to your recipient, and delivery address and phone number for us, in the Comments Section during checkout.


$19 for each Small Entree (3-serving size)
$35 for each Large Entree (6-serving size)
$25 Delivery fee
$225 Package for 12 small or 6 large entrees, delivery included
$410 Package for 24 small or 12 large entrees, delivery included

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