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Why do meals from Alaska Dinner Factory make a great gift?2022-03-02T17:57:04-09:00

A gift certificate from Alaska Dinner Factory is a gift you can feel good about giving. Really, it is the gift of time saved and time with one’s family. Who wouldn’t love that? Also, it’s functional, practical, and most importantly thoughtful. Whether it’s for a newly married couple, new parents, or that special someone in your life, it is a gift they will use, treasure, and remember fondly when they think of you.

Will my kids like the food?2022-03-02T17:56:08-09:00

Our meals are kid tested & approved!  Our Delivery Club members can request ingredients be left out based on allergies or preferences. Kids don’t like onions? We’ll leave them out. Prefer extra sauce? Just mention it in the comments section when placing your order. We assemble the meals the way your family likes them!

How should I store my meals, and will I have room for them all?2022-03-02T17:55:43-09:00

When you get home, you may want to keep a couple of meals in the fridge to cook and enjoy within the next few days. You should have no problem storing the rest in your freezer until you thaw them per the package instructions.

How are they packaged, and how do I transport my meals home?2022-03-02T17:54:22-09:00

Each of your meals are in either plastic bags or aluminum foil pans. Each package is labeled with the cooking instructions. For transportation of these meals, we recommend that you bring a cooler, laundry basket, or box. In the summer, a cooler is probably the best opition to ensure that the food is kept at a safe temperature at all times.

Is the payment section of your website secure?2022-06-09T15:03:26-08:00


How do I pay?2022-06-09T15:01:14-08:00

Pay online with a credit card. Your Delivery Club membership will be paid by subscription monthly.

What if I just need dinner for tonight?2022-10-10T20:44:47-08:00

Stop by during our normal business hours, and you can choose 1 or more meals from our Dinners To Go Cooler. These meals are preassembled and are $35 for a 6-serving size or $19 for a 3-serving size. These meals are limited to stock on hand, so check out our To-Go Freezer page or give us a call to see what is available.

How many people will a meal serve?2022-03-02T17:50:12-09:00

Each large, full-size meal contains 6 servings and will typically feed between 4 and 6 people depending on the item and desired portions of your family (adults tend to be accustomed to larger portions than kids). Remember, you will also be serving side dishes and other items to round out your meal, and it may be helpful to consider salads and other accompaniments when you are planning.

Small portions will feed 2 – 3 people.

Will this really save me time and money?2022-09-02T20:55:38-08:00

Yes! There is no shopping, cleaning, or prepping – just great food! We supply the facility, the prep, and the clean up! You will save time at the grocery store because you’ll make less trips, you’ll also spend less time planning your trip, making the trip, and unpacking from the trip. Also, Alaska Dinner Factory meals are affordable! They are just the right portions to meet your needs! You no longer have to buy perishable items that you may not use. And, there aren’t as many impulse purchases which tend to add up! If you spend what the average family spends on groceries, then you’re in for a treat!

For as low as $5.06 per serving, we can save you significant dollars off your monthly grocery bill. You’ll save on direct grocery costs, plus you’ll save a significant amount that you’d normally spend for special recipes, since so often you buy certain ingredients that you only use part of in these recipes, with the balance spoiling before you can use it up!

How will this make my meal planning easier?2022-03-02T17:48:49-09:00

We make the task of figuring out what to make for dinner less daunting. It makes mealtime more manageable by putting things within your reach and on your terms. You’ll love the convenience of having these nutritious, easy-to-cook meals on-hand in your refrigerator or freezer and ready-to-go when you are! We allow you to own mealtime instead of mealtime owning you!

We supply the facility, the prep, and the clean up! Not only will you save time at the grocery store, but you can plan when it’s convenient for you! Whether it’s 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. alaskadinnerfactory.com is ready to help you with your meal planning needs.

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