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Great Dinners Made Easy

We’re Alaskans too and know how busy lives and hungry families demand affordable alternatives to chain stores and fast-food. We’re part of the Anchorage community. Talk to your neighbors and friends who have discovered our kitchen. Your family will love the delicious menus, and you will love how easy and affordable it is to offer great dinners no matter HOW busy you are.

Beef Bourguignon
Peach Crisp

Our Kitchen

Alaska Dinner Factory is an independent meal preparation kitchen that is locally owned and operated. We are busy people, just like you, who have always believed that a healthy, home-cooked meal for the family to enjoy together should be a priority. But as life got busier, takeout and fast food crept into more of our meals.

Our number one concern is food safety. Please follow the provided cooking instructions for proper thawing guidelines and cooking temperatures.

Gluten Free

Although we are not a Gluten-Free facility, we have found that more than half of our recipes contain either all gluten-free ingredients, or require only minor substitutions to make them that way.

Notice our Menus and the GF indications.  We also have gluten-free pasta available for purchase.

Our Story

We opened in 2006 after Linnea was inspired to help busy families get back to the dinner table. We started as a meal assembly kitchen, where customers could come in and assemble a month’s worth of meals in a couple of hours.

In 2012, we introduced Delivery Club, where customers have their meals assembled and delivered to their home each month.  This subscription-based program allowed us to offer our meals and expand our mission to families living throughout Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer and Wasilla. We even started serving bush communities and have shipped to Fairbanks, Valdez, Nome, Kotzebue, Adak, and Brevig Mission!

In 2015, we started a second division called Alaska Fresh, providing daily delivered, cooked, single-serving lunches and dinners to seniors and vulnerable recipients around Anchorage.

With two divisions working out of the same kitchen, it was becoming apparent that a larger kitchen would be needed.  The decision was made to eliminate sessions and remodel our space to accommodate a full kitchen for Alaska Fresh and a larger prep kitchen for Delivery Club. We also increased our retail area and added a second To-Go Freezer.

Our Team

Our Team

Our Menus

Our recipes are developed by a Chef and Home Economist who develops recipes for national cookbooks and magazines. All recipes and cooking instructions adhere to FDA guidelines and have been tested to ensure they taste great after being frozen without additional preservatives.

See our Menus for this month or take a look at all the great dinner items in our Cooking Instructions. We can often make ingredient adjustments for our Delivery Club members to accommodate preferences and allergies.



To-Go Cooler – Need a meal for tonight? Stop by our store and pick up this week’s Fresh Meal of the Week. Sign up for our newsletter to find out what this week’s special meal will be.

To-Go Freezer – It’s never too late to find great meals for your week. Our meals-to-go freezer is always stocked with customer favorites. We are located conveniently on Lake Otis Parkway.