Yes! There is no shopping, cleaning, or prepping – just great food! We supply the facility, the prep, and the clean up! You will save time at the grocery store because you’ll make less trips, you’ll also spend less time planning your trip, making the trip, and unpacking from the trip. Also, Alaska Dinner Factory meals are affordable! They are just the right portions to meet your needs! You no longer have to buy perishable items that you may not use. And, there aren’t as many impulse purchases which tend to add up! If you spend what the average family spends on groceries, then you’re in for a treat!

For as low as $5.06 per serving, we can save you significant dollars off your monthly grocery bill. You’ll save on direct grocery costs, plus you’ll save a significant amount that you’d normally spend for special recipes, since so often you buy certain ingredients that you only use part of in these recipes, with the balance spoiling before you can use it up!