Premium Delivery Club Large

Premium Delivery Club Large

$395.00 / month

Tired of struggling with what’s for dinner?

For as low as $395 per month for 12 large or 24 small entrees ($5.06 per serving), we’ll assemble and deliver dinners to your house each month!


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Premium Delivery Club – Large Package is 12 large or 24 small meals (72 servings!) for $395 monthly

How it works:

  • We assemble your meals!
  • We deliver the meals to your house!
  • Every delivery includes a small order of dessert!
  • You enjoy healthy meals and more free time!

Premium Advantages:

  • Lock in savings for 12 months
  • Discounted monthly payment – savings of $120-180/yr
  • 2 free sides each month (Seasoned Veggies and Classic Mashed Potatoes) – savings of $192/yr
  • 6 annual coupons for free meals to share with your friends or give as gifts – savings of $114/yr
  • Reduced price when ordering additional entrees – savings of 10% off additional entrees requested in the Comments Section when online ordering
  • Membership Card valid for discounts on in-store purchases (must present card) – savings of 10% off entire purchases made from our To-Go Freezers or To-Go Cooler

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