• Super-duper kid-friendly Sloppy Joes with a little twist to keep them interesting. We've also hidden some veggies in these yummy sandwiches to make them mom-friendly too. Did we mention that they only take 10 minutes to prepare in a skillet at home? They will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions.
  • A quick and tasty meal that heats up easily on your stovetop. Pasta, chicken, Alfredo, roasted red peppers, and seasonings...what's not to love?! Your kids will gobble this one up. It will be packaged in a plastic bag.
  • This meal will leave you smacking your lips and wanting more! A sweet mixture of honey, Dijon, garlic, and parsley coat your chicken into your family’s new favorite! Bake over the potatoes we include for a complete dinner. - Gluten Free
  • Summertime in Alaska...keep those grills fired up! Alaska Dinner Factory is continuing to offer our summertime grilling assortment. You will get six steaks from Mr. Prime Beef that you’ll cover with our new bacon, garlic, feta butter. Also included is a vegetable side.
  • Classic Lasagna

    Our traditional lasagna is made with a rich tomato sauce, sausage, and three kinds of cheese - your kids will eat it up. Fantastic-o! It will be packaged in a 9x13 pan.
  • Chicken Pot Pie

    This is the ultimate comfort food! Diced chicken and lots of vegetables are combined with seasonings and a creamy gravy. We top it with a puff pastry sheet that cooks into a beautiful golden brown crust. Your kids will gobble it up! It will be packaged in a 9x13 pan.
  • These individual meatloaves will be wrapped in a slice of bacon and topped with a steak sauce mixture. Your whole family will love eating these fun little "filets"! It will be packaged in a 9x13 pan. - Gluten Free with substitutions.
  • Chicken Dijon

    A zippy sauce made up of mushrooms, Dijon honey mustard, and white wine drench six boneless skinless chicken breasts. After spending the day in your slow cooker, they are all ready to go. It will includes a pasta and be packaged in a plastic bag. - AlaskaFit approved meal.
  • Where's the beef? Right here! Tender beef with broccoli and other stir-fry veggies exploding with flavor. This is even better than what you could get at a restaurant in the comfort of your own home. This is one your whole family will love. It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions.
  • Delicious beef and corn enchiladas with a twist: a creamy chili sauce replaces the traditional red sauce and gives this dish pizzazz! You can adjust the spiciness to suit your family's taste. It will be packaged in a baking pan ready for the oven.
  • Teriyaki Beef Bowl

    A delicious mix of beef and a garlic brown sauce you'll make in our kitchen, add some vegetables and some rice and dinner is served. This one is a good option for the nights where your family is in a rush to go off to their different activities. This will be packaged in a plastic bag.
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken

    A traditional Chinese recipe with a flare! Tender chicken with our own sweet and sour sauce mixed with a medley of peppers. Definitely family friendly and a snap to make! It includes the rice to serve it on. It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions.
  • Taco Tots

    We start with a base of tater tots and top it with ground beef, black beans, black olives, salsa, diced onions and cheese. Your Tuesday taco night will turn into Tuesday Taco Tot night!
  • This zesty chicken dish heats easily in a skillet in 10 minutes from when it's thawed. Chicken and pasta together with ham, swiss, and a zing of Dijon mustard in only 10 minutes - what could be better? Let us tell you - your kids will like it too! It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions.


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