• A quick and tasty meal that heats up easily on your stovetop. Pasta, chicken, Alfredo, roasted red peppers, and seasonings...what's not to love?! Your kids will gobble this one up. It will be packaged in a plastic bag.
  • BBQ Flavored Pot Roast

    Beef roast with celery, onions, and seasonings cook in a homemade barbecue sauce in your slow cooker. When you come home at night the aroma of dinner will greet you! It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free.
  • This is a fun dish with wagon wheel pasta, beef strips, artichokes, mushrooms, and green peppers. Add your own side salad for a great summer meal. It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions.
  • Delicious beef and corn enchiladas with a twist: a creamy chili sauce replaces the traditional red sauce and gives this dish pizzazz! You can adjust the spiciness to suit your family's taste. It will be packaged in a baking pan ready for the oven.
  • These great enchiladas are filled with beef, cheese, green chilies, olives, and seasoning. They are then covered with a traditional red sauce and smothered with more cheese. You know your kids are going to love these! It will be packaged in a 9x13 pan.
  • Beef Bourguignon

    It's harder to say than to cook. Stew meat, onions, carrots, mushrooms, red wine, and seasonings simply cook in your slow cooker and welcome you home to a rich home-cooked meal. It will include pasta and be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions.
  • Beef Noodle Bowl

    We start with beef strips and mix them up with broccoli and carrots. Then we drench all that with a tangy, teriyaki-ginger sauce and toss it with cooked pasta. This easy, Asian-inspired dish is sure to please. It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions.
  • Tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil and cream will simmer to a delicious homemade sauce. Then add jumbo beef-filled raviolis for an easy dinner that your family will love!
  • Beef Stroganoff

    Our version of Beef Stroganoff is made with stew meat rather than ground beef. It features mushrooms, onion, garlic, and the sauce includes cream cheese...need we say more? It will include pasta and be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions and an AlaskaFit approved meal.
  • Beef Taco Skillet

    The classic taste of Mexican food. Beef, diced onions, tomatoes and black olives combine with a red sauce to make this a weeknight hit! Then we add flour tortillas that become like Mexican dumplings that you just can’t get enough of!
  • This is a perfect soup for a cold winter day. Stew meat, barley, onions, celery, carrots, mushrooms and tomato paste are warm and hearty and will warm you to your toes. It cooks in your slow cooker, so it will be ready when you get home.
  • These easy burritos will make a fast, filling dinner for a night on the go! Flour tortillas are filled with beef, black beans, onions, cheese, and seasoning. A healthy meal the whole family will love! It will be packaged in a plastic bag. - Gluten Free with substitutions.
  • Beefy Pasta Bake

    Beef, spinach, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and pasta in our creamy pasta sauce bake away while you’re busy checking homework or nightly chores! This delicious meal will have everyone coming back for seconds! It will be served in a baking pan.
  • This hearty breakfast is perfect for our winter months! We’ve made it super simple with pre-formed sausage patties and country gravy that will smother drop biscuits you bake in your oven. We complete it with scrambled egg whites. Winter in Alaska is long….You better get two of these!


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